My Life Post-iPhone

Since I don’t Use the iPhone

I have more battery life, I have access to all my music without restrictions, I have a decent map that gives the right directions. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that tons of people are moving away from the iPhone in exchange for Droid or similar… but I digress. This blog is not about phones it’s about my life.

What to Do With it

My experiences in life are mine and this is my online journal. I don’t care if nobody reads my blog or if the entire world does – as long as I have put my thoughts on “paper.”

I’m an ex smoker, interior designer, care taker of my aging grandma, parent and critic so that means there will might be new posts every day or hardly at all. Please feel free to leave a spam-free comment.

Ecommerce the Right Way: Outsourcing your Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management

What Are The Advantages Of A Supply Chain Management System?

If you are a business owner, you understand that it is important to have a supply chain management system that is effective. This part of a business can help to improve customer service. Supply chain management can also help make your business more efficient while also saving you money. There are several other factors that you should understand about this aspect of business and how it can help to increase your bottom line.

What does it have to do with Order Fulfillment Services?

This type of system helps related businesses that provide similar services and products to customers interconnect, in other words, fulfillment. It allows business owners to meet with each other and plan, implement, design and monitor activities that will help to improve the performance of each business. It often requires time and money to get these systems up and running. However, many business owners do not mind the expenses because there are benefits to having such a system implemented but they may want to consider outsourcing. This is an offering of order fulfillment services from

What Are The Advantages Of getting a Good System?

One of the first advantages that business owners will notice is the cost. Raw materials will be less expensive because once you have an efficient system in place you will plan for your materials at the lowest cost possible. A supply chain management system will also ensure that you only purchase the materials that you need. When you have an improved relationship with your suppliers, you can get a volume discount by reducing costs.
By installing the right type of software, you will be able to keep track of your distributors and suppliers. You will be able monitor your raw materials and your finished products. More advanced systems may include reports on the chain explaining how the goods go from the supplier to all of the distributors. These reports are valuable because they will allow you to see the areas of your business that need to be improved.

Cycle Time

Cycle time is known as the amount of time it takes for your company to take raw materials, pass them along to distributors so they can be sold and make money so new product can be purchased. This type of cycle always begins at the point where new materials are purchased. If the cycle time takes too long, and raw materials cannot be obtained in time, production may need to be halted for a period of time. As a result, revenue may also slow down during this time.

However, when you have an effective supply chain management system in place, the cycle time will run smoothly and effectively. This will also help to ensure that materials are only purchased when they are needed.


Warehouse management software is also an important part of supply chain management. This type of software allows warehouse owners and managers to control the movement and the way materials are taken in and stored. This is practical software that allows easier and more effective management.

More companies are beginning to understand the importance of having a supply chain management system in place. Take your time and compare systems to find the one that is best suited for your company’s needs.

Googling Carlsbad Chiropractor from the Iphone and the Google Snack Pack

Chiropractic Care For Your Back Pain

x ray from carlsbad chiropractor of a backMany people today with pain go to Google on their iPhones for an adjustment. They might have issues with their back, and it is seems as if that has become the number one complaint. As we age the elasticity of our back begins to break down, muscles become tighter and nerves tend to bother us because of all the accumulated inflammation. So what you can do when your back flares up and regular ibuprofen won’t alleviate your discomfort? Well for a lot people they sit and suffer but for those lucky few who get to experience chiropractic it can really help them feel better.

Seeing a chiropractor can help you in many different ways, but chief among them is education. You need understand what is causing your back pain, and get solutions to help solve the problem. Surgery is rarely the answer, and most doctor will tell you that back issues are some of the hardest to fix. In other words you have to find alternative methods to help with the discomfort that you feel.

One way to help with back discomfort is to see a chiropractor who can stretch out your muscles. Many times back pain occurs due to an imbalance or an irregularity in our muscles back there. This causes you to favor one side which leads to increased pain. The goal to fixing your back is to get everything properly aligned.

One way to do that is through chiropractic care combined with physical therapy. A good massage can iron out all those kinks which tend to build up over time. Sometimes all it takes is a good massage combined with proper stretching.

Whatever it is that’s going on in your back should be taken care of as quickly as possible so you don’t sit around with pain all day long. It is no way to go through life, so use the advice here wisely and see a specialist who can help take away some of that back pain. So next time you want to look for a local doctor, check your results on your phone and you can call any of the top 3 in the new snack pack section of the maps.

Shopping for wall art stickers with your iphone

Who would have ever imagined back in the 80′s that you could shop for anything anywhere anytime. Thanks to the iPhone and other smart devices, there are a ton of really cool options for shopping for just about anything you want. I buy wall art stickers online all the time, it’s kind of a new hobby that I have. Since there are always so many cool pictures of things to choose from, I haven’t hung a real picture on my wall for years, that goes for the office as well. My wife was the first one to pick up a decal like this to stick on the wall from Target, which was pretty cool. But the quality of these things sucked. It was like a cheap sticker that just peeled off around the edges after a few months. And don’t get me started on the clear sticker boarder around all of them. Well, when you decide to do business with someone other than a big box store it is so much easier to get exactly what you want and usually a much higher quality. That’s been the big thing I’ve learned with the internet and shopping online with my iPhone, from the pool, or wherever I’m inspired to buy something.

Buying the right thing pays off

style and apply If you buy the right stuff instead of some crappy box store piece of junk then you’ll not only have something you like better, but you’ve gotten it for a pretty cheap price or at least the same as the bigger store. You see, big stores have tons of items in every category but they don’t specialize in anything. This is good for the masses, giving a few options. But if you want a ton of options, you need to visit a local or online retailer that has all the options you could ever imagine. Those are my two cents for the day, thanks for reading!

Why I Don’t Shop for Furniture at Home Depot

As an interior designer, I make it my business to judge every retail, office and home space that I am in. I look at the artwork, the furniture, the paint color of the walls, the finish of the paint on the walls, the Carpet, window coverings, pictures, I even look at the garbage can if there is one visible. When I going to a restaurant, I look at the floor, the backsplash, the windows, mere, and The paint finish. Did you know that paint in restrooms should be done in high-gloss? This keeps moisture from soaking in.

Recently I was contracted to design and office space for architects! One of the architects that I worked with had presented me plans for a home that I did the furniture for. I found a great resource for vintage industrial office furniture that had plenty of items for that home, which I think is the reason Why I was hired for the job at this office.

Looking like a rockstar

When you shop at a box store like Home Depot or any other, you will find pieces that a customer can easily find on their own, that’s why I don’t shop furniture, lighting fixtures or any other piece that can be considered “signature” from major retailers.

Since the key to success and just about any industry is being resourceful, and since there really is, as Albert Einstein puts it, “creativity is the art of hiding your sources of inspiration” – or something like that… Here is a picture of one of the pieces I had delivered to that home which got me the job in the architects office:

TV Lift Cabinet

The art of interior design and decorating begins with anthropology, how do the people who are in that space interact with the space? What is their primary function for being there? If it is a living room, are the chairs organized in a way that simulates conversation? Or Are all of the chairs focused only on the television set? The point of any living room, in my opinion, is to stimulate conversation among its inhabitants. How about an office? In a shared office space especially, that should lend itself to creativity. Creativity happens to be one of the greatest drivers of new business for any business. Innovation and in the spirit of entrepreneurialism can come I live with the proper environmental resources that stimulate the imagination. That is my take on design. It is pragmatic, it is creative and it’s own right, and it is the paradigm in which I operate when doing any such project. I think this is what gives me an edge in my industry, at least locally.

So when you are considering the space in which you work, live, shop… Look around and see what the design intent was meant to do. How about Starbucks? They have interior design nailed right on down to the music that is piped through the speakers. The atmosphere is totally built around sipping and expensive caffeinated beverage in the comfort of a creative coffeehouse Which just about every American can enjoy, which is why Starbucks is considered the “third-place.” I only wish I had that contract. Thanks for stopping by.