My Life Post-iPhone

Since I don’t Use the iPhone

I have more battery life, I have access to all my music without restrictions, I have a decent map that gives the right directions. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that tons of people are moving away from the iPhone in exchange for Droid or similar… but I digress. This blog is not about phones it’s about my life.

What to Do With it

My experiences in life are mine and this is my online journal. I don’t care if nobody reads my blog or if the entire world does – as long as I have put my thoughts on “paper.”

I’m an ex smoker, interior designer, care taker of my aging grandma, parent and critic so that means there will might be new posts every day or hardly at all. Please feel free to leave a spam-free comment.

Why I Don’t Shop for Furniture at Home Depot

As an interior designer, I make it my business to judge every retail, office and home space that I am in. I look at the artwork, the furniture, the paint color of the walls, the finish of the paint on the walls, the Carpet, window coverings, pictures, I even look at the garbage can if there is one visible. When I going to a restaurant, I look at the floor, the backsplash, the windows, mere, and The paint finish. Did you know that paint in restrooms should be done in high-gloss? This keeps moisture from soaking in.

Recently I was contracted to design and office space for architects! One of the architects that I worked with had presented me plans for a home that I did the furniture for. I found a great resource for vintage industrial office furniture that had plenty of items for that home, which I think is the reason Why I was hired for the job at this office.

Looking like a rockstar

When you shop at a box store like Home Depot or any other, you will find pieces that a customer can easily find on their own, that’s why I don’t shop furniture, lighting fixtures or any other piece that can be considered “signature” from major retailers.

Since the key to success and just about any industry is being resourceful, and since there really is, as Albert Einstein puts it, “creativity is the art of hiding your sources of inspiration” – or something like that… Here is a picture of one of the pieces I had delivered to that home which got me the job in the architects office:

TV Lift Cabinet

The art of interior design and decorating begins with anthropology, how do the people who are in that space interact with the space? What is their primary function for being there? If it is a living room, are the chairs organized in a way that simulates conversation? Or Are all of the chairs focused only on the television set? The point of any living room, in my opinion, is to stimulate conversation among its inhabitants. How about an office? In a shared office space especially, that should lend itself to creativity. Creativity happens to be one of the greatest drivers of new business for any business. Innovation and in the spirit of entrepreneurialism can come I live with the proper environmental resources that stimulate the imagination. That is my take on design. It is pragmatic, it is creative and it’s own right, and it is the paradigm in which I operate when doing any such project. I think this is what gives me an edge in my industry, at least locally.

So when you are considering the space in which you work, live, shop… Look around and see what the design intent was meant to do. How about Starbucks? They have interior design nailed right on down to the music that is piped through the speakers. The atmosphere is totally built around sipping and expensive caffeinated beverage in the comfort of a creative coffeehouse Which just about every American can enjoy, which is why Starbucks is considered the “third-place.” I only wish I had that contract. Thanks for stopping by.

How I Quit Smoking without Quitting

Learn How I Quit Smoking The Easy Way

It should go without saying that your family would like for you to stop smoking. And upfront, if you must get your fix, at least try a dry herb vaporizer. Your doctor advises that you quit as well. Even people who don’t care about you, like insurance, will support you in quitting. So, why haven’t more people quit yet? Find the tips and advice you need in this article to help you quit. The time is now; and when you do, do not look back.
If you’re trying to quit smoking, try chewing gum instead. Often times when you try to leave a bad habit behind, you must replace it with a more positive one. Chewing gum allows you to use your mouth and jaw in some of the same ways that smoking does. It is a healthy way to keep yourself busy while you’re working toward quitting.
When you decide to quit smoking, make sure to add plenty of fresh fruit to your diet. Your body will likely undergo some chemical changes when you stop smoking, often including a lowered blood glucose level. Healthy fruits can help to raise your blood glucose level to normal levels, keeping you healthy while you’re working toward quitting.

When aiming to kick the smoking habit for good, you should always believe that you can do it. Think about all the incredible things you have accomplished in your life so far. This will help you realize you have the strength to overcome this addiction. Having faith in yourself is not only important for quitting smoking, but it’s also important for overall success in your life.

It does not matter how long it has been since you gave up smoking, you can never have “just one”. You are a nicotine addict. While just one does not mean you will be smoking a packet a day again by morning, it will mean that you have “just one more” a lot sooner than you would like.

To keep yourself motivated to quit smoking, be clear about why you want to quit. While there are many good reasons to quit smoking, you want to focus on your most powerful, personal reasons. Every time you feel tempted, remind yourself how much you want to improve your health, save money or set a good example for your kids.

Write down why you’re quitting ahead of time and keep that list handy. When that craving hits you, refer to your list for motivation. Understanding ahead of time why quitting is important to you will help to keep you focused in those moments of weakness, and it might even help to get you back on track if you should slip up.

If smoking is your reaction to stress, replace it with a positive one. Consider getting a massage when you are stressed or participating in an exercise class. Even doing something simple like taking a bath or enjoying a light snack is a better reaction to stress than smoking is. Doing these things will help you to quit, while still keeping your stress level in check.

Remember the following acronym forever: N.O.P.E. It stands for “never one puff, ever.” This will be a lifelong motto for you to follow, and it should be your mantra when you are tempted to have “just that one” cigarette. Even if you are out drinking with friends, remember to say N.O.P.E. to that puff!

Before you quit, identify your triggers and plan ways around them. If you always smoke when you drink, abstain from alcohol for a while. If smoking before, during or after meals is a common practice for you, change up your meal plans or environments to prevent this. Track your smoking times and places to know when and where you light up, and adapt accordingly.

Try to remember that the mind set is everything. You need to always stay positive as you regard your smoking cessation. Think of all the help and aid you are bringing to your body and how much healthier you are going to be because you have taken this vital step in your life.

To optimize your chances of success, don’t try to quit smoking during a stressful time in your life. This is when your nicotine addiction is strongest, and trying to quit only sets you up for failure. Wait until you feel empowered by other successes – regardless of how large or small – and use that success as a springboard for quitting.

When you decide that it’s time to quit, write a list of factors that motivate you to want to stop smoking. Every time you feel that you are on the verge of giving up and lighting up, re-read the list as a motivational tool for you to continue on your path.

Drink a good amount of fruit juice for the first week when you’re trying to quit smoking. This can help to flush toxins, such as nicotine, from your body. It will also help to raise your blood glucose level, which might be lowered a bit when you stop smoking.

Before you attempt to quit smoking, figure out exactly why you want to quit. Are you worried that it will worsen a condition you have, or that it will cause you develop a long-term illness? Are you worried about the impact second-hand smoke is having on your loved ones? If you know exactly why you’re quitting, any method you use will be more effective.

If quitting is extremely difficult for you, speak with your doctor. There are many over the counter and prescription medications available that can help you on your journey toward no longer smoking. Your doctor can help to determine which of these medications is best for you, and provide monitoring as you begin to use it.

Enlist the help of those closest to you when you decide to stop smoking. This includes family members, friends and coworkers. Tell them. If they do not know that you are attempting this very important step in your life, they will not know how to help you. Tell them to expect grouchiness, trouble sleeping and impatience. Most importantly, they can help you plan activities in smoke-free environments.

Electronic Cigarettes

Many people use electronic cigarettes as a great way to kick smoking. They don’t have as many of the negative side-effects that you get from normal cigarettes – like the smokey smell… and can be a good way to reduce your nicotine intake, until you’re done smoking altogether.

Vape Dynamics
Vape Dynamics

Find other methods to satisfy an oral fixation when trying to quit smoking. Many people who are trying to quit smoking find it helpful to have toothpicks, candy or gum, or a toothbrush with them all the time. Electronic cigarettes are a nice alternative for the real deal.

If you’re struggling with quitting smoking, you may want to try electronic cigarettes to replace them. These cigarettes taste just like real cigarettes without all the harmful chemicals that are in regular cigarettes. You can even use these to smoke in restaurants because the smoke you’re taking in and releasing is just water vapor. In addition, these can be re-charged so that you can constantly use them. This saves you a lot of money over traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes might just be your answer.

Tons of people find that the new electronic cigs have helped them to quit smoking without going through everything physiologically like they are quitting. The devices that are available over the counter mimic the smoke, taste and feel of a smoky cig, so although all you are breathing in water vapor, you feel as though you haven’t given up a thing.

You’ve got the resources, the drive, and the means to quit; now it’s time to put them all together. Quitting smoking will make you happier, healthier, and it will help extend your life. Use the money that you saved on cigarettes and buy a treat for your family.