Why Do You Need iPhone Unlocker Tool?

Getting locked out of your iPhone is one of the most annoying situations you can come across. Whether you forget your device password or it's locked after some failed unlocking attempts, you need a quick way out of this situation.

That's when iPhone unlocker software takes the lead and solves this problem for you. But the important question is, which iPhone unlocker to pick? Should you prefer a free iPhone unlocker or a paid and more advanced one? Today, we'll answer these questions for you and recommend the best iPhone unlock software you can access right away.

So, stick around to pick the correct iPhone unlocker tool!

top 6 iphone unlocker tools in 2022
use anyunlock to unlock the screen time

1. AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

AnyUnlock is an efficient iPhone unlocker tool you can use to surpass your device locks and enjoy uninterrupted device access. This tool lets you open all types of iPhone locks with a few clicks, ensuring your user experience is always positive.

You can quickly install this iPhone passcode unlocker on your computer, connect your iPhone with it, and remove the passwords you're struggling with. This smart tool doesn't require any tech expertise, ensuring every iPhone user can operate it when need be. However, remember that you'll lose all device data with this iPhone passcode unlocker, and it will restore your phone to factory settings.

If your iPhone is locked because of geographical restrictions or you've forgotten its screen password, AnyUnlock is a good tool. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac; you won't struggle in the setup phase.

2. Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

iPhone users often struggle because of their lost and forgotten iCloud passwords. When you operate your iCloud on one device but forget its password while using another phone/iPad, you can use Dr.Fone iOS unlocker in this situation.

Thanks to its efficient system, this software enables you to remove iPhone screen locks and iCloud passwords within seconds. If you have purchased a second-hand iPhone and cannot enter it because of the old screen lock, use Dr.Fone unlocker to overcome this struggle.

Moreover, you can also remove the already set iCloud from a device and start afresh. This easy-to-use and reliable tool is ideal for old devices where losing data is never a concern.  


use dr fone to unlock the phone
removing screen locks

3. iMyFone Lockwiper

iMyFone tools are always a step ahead of others; this lockwiper is no exception. If your iPhone password has slipped your mind and you don't want to visit an Apple Store to resolve this problem, the iMyFone lockwiper is your answer.

This tool is helpful in removing screen locks, getting rid of iCloud passwords, and jumping the screen activation passwords. Sure, this unlocking tool will remove all data on your device; its foolproof working makes it worth it. iMyFone lockwiper is widely admired for its efficiency and convenience; you can't go wrong with it.

4. Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone Unlocker

If you're locked out of your iPhone and need a quick way back to it, the Tenorshare UKey iPhone tool can be your good friend. This tool allows you to remove all kinds of passwords from an old iPhone (unless it's blocked by Apple) and get it back in factory mode.

 From a screen lock pattern on an iPhone to the iCloud password, this software can work its way through everything. With this tool, you can remove Face ID, Touch ID, and SIM lock from your iPhone. Thanks to this tool's easy interface, you can quickly understand its nuances and complete the iPhone unlocking task.

remove all kinds of passwords from an old iphone
aiseesoft iphone unlocker

5. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

Aiseesoft is another robust iPhone unlocker here to improve your user experience. If you often mix up different devices' passwords and cannot remember your recorded device patterns, the Aiseesoft iPhone unlocker can help you. This software lets you remove numbered passwords, Touch ID, and Face ID from an iPhone in some quick steps.

 You'll lose all device data and settings while working with the Aiseesoft iPhone unlocker tool because it jumps your device's security blanket. This tool is ideal for second-hand and old iPhones where you don't have anything important to lose. You can get thorough access to your iPhone settings and iCloud set up with this tool because it provides a safe way through your device's security checkpoints. No worries if your iPhone screen is broken or you can't remember its password; the Aiseesoft iPhone unlocker has got you covered.

6. Passfab iPhone Unlocker

If your iPhone is locked or you cannot open it because of a broken screen, the Passfab iPhone unlocker software is a good bid. This tool lets you factory reset your device without an activation or verification password. You can remove the Apple ID from an iPhone without authenticating a password and enter it without any hurdle.

The Passfab iPhone locker is fully compatible with the latest iOS and iPadOS versions, proving to be Apple users' ultimate resort. When you're stuck with a locked iPhone or your device is stuck in a boot loop, you can use Passfab to enter it without a password.

This tool's advanced features make it worthwhile for lost Face ID recognition issues and surpassing the Touch ID on a device. If you have tried multiple times to unlock an iPhone but can't make it through, Passfab is the way out. This software's compatibility and robust features give it an edge over others.


passfab iphone unlocker

Summing Up

iPhones have the most robust security checkpoints to protect Apple users' privacy and critical data. But this advanced security blanket can be a hurdle when you forget your device's password and want a way back to it.

Luckily, various tools are available on the market to overcome this struggle and ensure you have uninterrupted access to your iPhone. The above-listed tools are all capable and robust – you can trust them with the iPhone unlocking task.

But remember that these tools aren't free, and you will lose all device data while working with them. That's why having an iPhone backup is always smart. Try to recall your iPhone password first, and if you can't, select any of these reliable tools to complete this task.